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Wedding Gown Preservation Company cleans and preserves military uniforms?  They have a matte-white preservation chest designed just for these items. 

They do christening gowns too. Please call if you have any questions.

A Beautiful Wedding is an authorized dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company. We work with brides to help them clean, repair and preserve their gowns.

Your wedding gown may make it through your wedding and reception without a single stain, however, perspiration and oils from your body can weaken and discolor your dress, especially as the years go by.

Keep your heirloom gown in the family for generations to come by preserving it the right way with a company who has been in the business since 1913. You can trust and depend on Wedding Gown Preservation Company.  Your wedding gown is professionally and thoroughly cleaned with environmentally safe formulas to ensure all stains are removed before it is preserved.  Their proper cleaning and preservation methods ensure that the fabric of your gown maintains the same color, feel and integrity as the day you purchased it.

Once your gown has been cleaned and preserved, store it in a closet or under your bed.  Make sure the closet or other storage area is not near any plumbing pipes to avoid the possibility of water damage from a leaky pipe.

Wedding Gown Preservation includes:

  • Prepaid gown cleaning and preservation

  • Up to three (3) additional items in the box with your gown, such as:

    • veil and/or headpiece

    • detachable train

    • jacket

    • ring pillow

    • money bag

    • handkerchief

    • gloves

    • garter

  • White gloss finish preservation chest

  • Deluxe shipping container

  • $500 Declared Value

  • 100-year Guarantee

  • Anti-Sugar treatment

  • Prepaid shipping both ways


Celebrity Line Upgrade:

  • Gown wrapped in unbleached muslin

  • Silver or gold preservation chest

  • Hand Pressing

  • $1,000 declared value

  • Recommended for all silk gowns and gowns valued over $500

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